The importance of regular professional roof inspections seems to be lost on many people. However, the truth is that small damages like a crack or lifted tile can quickly lead to water damages that don’t just affect the roof itself, but also soak into the decking and even drywall if left undetected. As a result, you could be dealing with incredibly high repair costs that could have been prevented by a quick and cheap repair job back when the damage was limited to no more than a small crack.

What A Routine Inspection Entails

The ideal schedule for a routine inspection is a minimum of once per year. That is, unless you are living in an area with harsher weather conditions, i.e. a hurricane season, heavy rainfalls, heavy snowfalls, in which case you should up that number to once per season.

During this inspection, the roofer will be looking for cracks and holes, which is especially important with roofs that have surpassed the one-decade mark. If such small damages aren’t patched early on, the consequences could be devastating to your home and wallet.Furthermore, the inspection will also extend to your pipes, flashing, and chimney, which means degradation and damages will also be patched in these areas, should any arise.

Know the Benefits

As previously mentioned, an inspection can lead to the detection of smaller damages which could worsen into extremely costly catastrophes, such as damages to the structural integrity of your entire home. Especially in areas with strong winds, slightly lifted materials need to be detected and fastened as soon as possible, before they can be lifted and cause severe dame to property or person.

In addition to that, such damages to another person or another person’s property, could lead to you being held legally liable due to the materials origin being on your property, aka them having been blown off of your roof. As a result, you wouldn’t just have to cover the repair costs to fix your own roof, but also provide compensation for the plaintiff.

Another thing that should be mentioned, is that regular inspections could lower your homeowner insurance rates, depending on who the carrier of your insurance is. It is good to hire the professional services of Roofing Contractor in San Mateo, one that is licensed and insured. They offer emergency and regular maintenance services when needed.

There are way too many people who don’t recognize the importance of their roof, and how much peace of mind it can bring to know that your home’s outermost shield against the elements is fully intact. It is best to have preventive maintenance than to call the roofers in San Mateo for emergency repairs.