Menlo Park may be receiving less amount of rainfall each year than other areas in the country but there’s no telling when the weather can get really dangerous for your roof. This is why it is important to keep your roof in good condition at all times. Conduct inspection regularly to determine if there’s a need to replace your roof. If there are missing shingles or the decking is worn down, chances are replacement is your best option.


Re-roofing, however, is not an easy decision to make. There are several things you have to consider to make sure that the entire project will be successful. Careful planning is critical if you want your roof to last for many years even with minimal upkeep.

Choose Better Materials

During inspection, find out what type of material your roof is made of from the main covering to the decking and truss system. It is smart to replace your current roof with a more durable and tougher material. Instead of the same common asphalt roofing, consider replacing your roof with metal panels, slate, or tiles. These materials are much more resilient and can endure the harshest weather conditions.

Stability of the Underlying Structure

The decking and the trusses are among the most crucial components of a roofing system. You have to know if both are in perfect condition before you decide on the roofing type and the extent of the installation. If the trusses are already too old and the rafters and starting to fall apart, a complete replacement should be underway. Your preferred roofing material may also affect the way the installation should go. If you choose heavier materials like slate or tiles, you will have to add more trusses and reinforce the decking.

Future Remodeling and Room Addition Project

Are you planning on adding or widening a room in the future? If that is the case, then you should take that into account when redesigning your roof. Make sure that your roofing contractor in Menlo Park will design your new roof to be easily adjusted when the new addition is constructed. Perhaps you should choose lightweight and easy-to-install materials like metal panels.

Re-roofing in Menlo Park shouldn’t be challenging if you have all the information you need before starting the project. It also helps to choose the best roofing company in town. They have a wide network of suppliers, which can ensure that your roof will be made only of the highest quality materials. They have the best roofers, too, so you can expect excellent workmanship.

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