Centuries ago, the typical home had a thatched roof. Today, most homeowners favor roofing that contains shingles. Why is that the favored type of roofing?

A roof with shingles provides the homeowner with a large range of different protections.The homeowner and the residents are protected from the heat in the summer. In rainy weather, they do not get hit by raindrops. In winter, the homeowner and residents stay protected from ice and snow. When properly maintained, a roof with shingles does not have any cracks through which the wind can enter in the wintertime. A shingle roof can withstand the impact of a falling tree limb, if it is not too heavy.

It does not cost much to install a shingle roof.

Still, a smart homeowner gets a warranty on the installed roofing. In addition, the same homeowner ought to check to see exactly what parts of the structure have been covered by the warranty, and for how long will that coverage continue?

Finally, the homeowner’s inquiry about a warranty should include questions about a possible extension. Some companies let homeowners purchase an extended warranty.

Features of shingles that enhance the appeal of a replacement for an old rooftop.

Today, all grades for shingles come with one important feature. All of them carry class A fire protection. The level of protection does not change, if a rooftop gets replaced. Normally, the typical shingle sold today is 100% recyclable. That means that following removal of the old shingles, each of the removed pieces can be re-used in some fashion. The homeowner can ask the Roofing contractor in San Mateo about the exacts plans for the old shingles.

The homeowner’s access to recyclable materials lowers the overall cost of the roof’s replacement. If the old material had to be discarded, the city would charge for its disposal. However, when it can be recycled, the recycling company must pay for its access to the sustainable/ recyclable material.

The recycling company can make arrangements for utilization of the old shingles. It then charges the company that will be receiving those used shingles. For that reason, it does not charge for the removal of the sustainable item (the shingles). Cities welcome the utilization of a sustainable item. That saves their workers from spending time and effort on disposal of a single-use item. Instead, the recycling company covers the cost of hauling away the old, previously-used material.

If the recycling company is located within the city, then it must pay city taxes. Hence, the public’s use of sustainable items helps to add to the money in the city’s treasury, without forcing citizens to pay high taxes, or to sponsor bonds.