California is the birthplace of the California Craftsman style, and thus it is not surprising to find a number of single-family homes that feature this kind of design. However, this is not the only architectural style that is ubiquitous in Californian cities like Palo Alto. An article on explains that the Mission Revival style is also popular:

The Mission Revival style is a combination of exterior and interior features which varied as the style developed. Inspired by the romantic turn of the century California rediscovery of a Hispanic past, the Mission Revival style combined varied exterior and interior features that changed somewhat as the style developed. Normally characterized by arches, hipped red tile roofs, shaped curvilinear parapets or gabled ends, and white stucco walls. Ogee arches and quatrefoil windows are typical details.


People interested in building or renovating houses in this particular style may find a Mission Revival home even more appealing because of its use of clay tiles. These roofing materials are resistant to the effects of weather, insect infestation, rot, and fire. Homeowners whose houses were constructed in the 1940s or 1950s can attest that their clay tile roofs have managed to resist these unwanted elements gracefully. Another advantage to using clay tile roofs is that they actually complement modern-style homes too, even enhancing their aesthetic value.

How clay tile roofing performs, though, is largely dependent on how it is installed, and this is the reason why homeowners should rely only on reputable roofing contractors in Palo Alto, CA to do such a job. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), clay tile roof systems should be applied over continuous wood decking. If plywood panels are to be used, the NCRA recommends that these should be of 5/8-thick nominal exterior-grade plywood. Installing clay tile roofs without taking these suggestions into account could lead to the materials underneath the clay tiles failing in time due to the heavy weight they support.

Clay tile roofs complement Mission Revival-style homes perfectly. However, for optimum results in terms of both aesthetics and function, clay tile roof installation or roof replacement in Palo Alto should be handled by roofers like those from Shelton Roofing, who are trained and experienced in installing this type of material.

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