If you asked people to list down their dream home improvement projects, they’d probably list down things like jacuzzis, home theaters, and perhaps even a home wine cellar. And why not? Not only do they make your abode more luxurious, they also increase your home’s value.

Or do they? As it turns out, the swankiest home improvements don’t always offer the best return of investment. Take swimming pools for example: while it’s great to have a pool to cool off in during the summer, its maintenance costs will certainly cost you a pretty penny. And when it comes time to sell, not every buyer is keen to have a pool in their backyard, especially if they have small kids.

If you want a home makeover project that will give you a healthy return on investment, look nowhere else but up. To your roof, that is.

investing on re roofing

According to a report by ISoldMyHouse.com, a new roof allows you to recover up to 75% of your initial investment, while also giving your home a considerable boost in value. If you’re planning to get re roofing from Palo Alto contractors, here are just some of the benefits you’ll get.

Boost Curb Appeal

The single largest part of your house is the roof, and since it’s also an exterior feature, it contributes a lot to your property’s curb appeal. A home with an old roof won’t attract as many inquiries, and estimators are less likely to value it highly because worn roofing is a sign of wear and tear.

Sell for More

If you do decide to sell your house eventually, a new roof can actually increase its value by up to $12,000 according Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost vs. Value report. The reason is simple: buyers would much rather pay more for a home with a new roof than buy a property with an older roof that requires repairs or replacement–the hassle just isn’t worth it.

Longer Warranties

Older roof tiles and shingles are often covered by a 15-20 year warranty. But these days, you can find premium roofing materials that offer longer warranties than that. In other words, you get more value for money by investing in roofs made of newer, more advanced materials.

Of course, getting a new roof remains a major expense, which is why you should work only with trusted Palo Alto roofing contractors like Shelton Roofing. With years of roofing experience, you are sure to get the best quality materials and top-notch service.


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