There is nothing better than stepping through the front door into a warm and toasty home on a cold winter’s day. But to ensure that you can actually do that, you need to make sure your roof is intact and ready to keep out the cold and moisture throughout the winter months. So how do you do that?

Look at it. Easy, right? Check for any changes in color, missing, cracked or broken shingles, slipping and sagging, damaged flashing, vents and edging. And if you spot any of that, get it fixed. Now. Don’t put it off. Call in a roofing contractor in Sunnyvale.

Secondly, don’t miss the gutter. Clean it. Simple pine needles and debris are enough to clog up the gutter and cause water to seep under the shingles and rot the wood which can lead to far more serious problems like damaged walls, ceilings, insulation or even wiring. Those few hours you spent on that ladder to clean the gutter and downspouts will be worth it when you don’t have to deal with black mold all over your home.

The next step would be since you’re already up there looking at your roof, you may also keep an eye out for carpenter ants and sawdust. Those ants love to hide in woodpiles, mulch and similar materials kept close to the house so make sure to clean up any piles of soil, mulch, pine needles or wood-debris you may currently be keeping near the house. But even if it’s already too late, you can still invest in insecticide from the hardware store for a smaller infestation, or call in pest control to take care of any bigger problem for you.

After that see if you can find moss on your roof. That green spongy stuff may look nice on trees but on your roof, it will keep your shingles from drying and thawing as fast as they should which will damage the protective coating and make the shingles more fragile. Moss can also speed up the rotting of wood, break pieces off the shingles and clog up the roof valleys, all of which are pricey to fix. So how do you get rid of the moss? You can invest in a moss killer for roofing or call in a professional, but do not use pressure washing – it can damage the shingles and create leaks.

Last but not the least, check your attic. If water has already seeped in, looking from inside will be the best way to spot first signs of damage. This is also a good time to check your insulation since it breaks down over time and stocking up on it will keep your utility bills from growing.

Now that you know what to do, be sure to turn these points into a check list and go through them before winter hits. And if that seems like too much work, you may also call in a professional to do it for you. Good luck and stay warm this winter!