It is easy to argue that the most important element of a house is the roof. In America several traditional Native American homes such as the Seminole Chickee and the iconic Tipi of the plains Indians are basically roofs, perhaps with a sleeping platform. Another popular form of an all roof shelter is the lean-to, frequently used as an improvised shelter in back-woods areas.

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Shelton Roofing provides roofing services in the San Francisco Bay area, primarily in Menlo park and Sunnyvale as well as Palo Alto. A Diamond Certified roofing contractor, Shelton Roofing provides a wide range of services for both private homeowners and commercial properties. Using the best of modern or traditional materials and methods, they provide emergency roof repair or complete roof replacement, or any type of service in between. To make it even better, they follow the best of modern environmentally friendly practices. Besides providing energy efficient roofing systems, Shelton Roofing recycles all materials and is committed to ecologically sound practices.

With the exception of the office manager, all the senior staff of Shelton Roofing are roofers with many years spent on the top of roofs doing the actual, hands-on labor of roofing. All of the sales staff are thoroughly trained and experienced in the roofing business and are involved in the entire process from sales to helping supervise every job the are associated with. Every job, whether a simple roof repair or a complete roof replacement, is treated as a custom job and is never just another generic job. You can expect personal attention to your needs, and you can expect professionalism in every detail.

In addition to basic roofing, Shelton Roofing also provides expertly installed flashing and guttering, as well as repairs to these systems. A basic roof will shed water when it rains, but properly installed flashing and gutters will direct that rain water away from the house and even direct it safely away from the foundation and any basements. Properly installed gutters can provide protection to foundations and help prevent flooded basements.

The moderate climate of the bay area means that a variety of roofing materials are suitable for environmentally friendly roofing. Even composition and asphalt shingles and wooden shingles hold up long enough to be considered as ecological, and Shelton Roofing is assiduous about proper recycling of waste materials. Many houses in the Bay area have low-slope roofs and require built-up roofs. The roofers at Shelton are experienced with this type of roof and only use the best quality materials and techniques to give you a long-lasting and safe roof.

Shelton Roofing always follows all safety guidelines and practices and is a fully insured and licensed roofing contractor. You can feel safe working with them, knowing that you will not face lawsuits in the unlikely case that someone is hurt on the job. All work is guaranteed and you do not have to worry about someone damaging your home or business when working on it.

Thomas Pendrake is a blogger on environmental subjects with degrees in Physics and experience in the building trades. He also writes on a wide variety of subjects.