As a commercial building owner, you are likely living on a schedule that is filled to the brim with appointments while also having to deal with surprise issues on the daily, so the last thing you need is a leak in your roof. And it only gets worse when you are business owner that isn’t also the building owner because then you won’t even have the authority to hire a Roofing Contractor in Menlo Park to fix the issue right away. To avoid the worst, the best thing you can do is to know which roofing issues to look for and which ones are common for commercial roofs.

Penetrations and punctures in commercial roofing

Regardless of which type of roof you are looking at, they are all prone to experiencing penetrations and punctures throughout their lifetime. Without scheduled inspections, these types of damages are easily overlooked and can quickly lead to leaks which can cause extensive damage if not addressed right away. So, if you don’t also happen to be the building owner, be sure to bring this issue up with your landlord before you even sign the contract. This is an important aspect of ensuring that you are paying for a safe-free home

Pooling water on flat roofs

Flat roofs are very much prone to forming puddles which means putting the roof at risk of mold and deformation. A warped roof will likely lead to standing water which can lead to leaks and damages that will take a lot of money to fix. Not to mention that may also force your business to close temporarily until the issue has been addressed and the repairs have wrapped up. You should also get your HVAC system inspect, if you notice a lot of pooling since those two issues are often correlated.

Poor flashing leads to leaks

Since flashing is what protects material seams from experiencing leaks, poorly installed flashing is also often the culprit when leaks do happen. Rapid changes in temperature and humidity are also known to cause cracks and other damages to flashing which makes frequent roofing inspections so important. It is important to find a good contractor that is able to ensure that all minor issues are fixed properly.

Lack of gutter and drain cleanliness

Cleaning out your gutters and drains by removing debris should be a priority for everyone, not just the owners of a commercial property. This is because a clogged drainpipe or gutter can quickly lead to overflowing water and thus to leaks, especially after storms and during the fall season where a lot of leaves are blown unto roofs.