The first thing most people look for in a roofer is affordability. However, the price shouldn’t be all you are looking into. Quality is key when it comes to a save roof that will last you for decades to come. After all, a cheap roof could be littered with leaks just a few years later if the work is sloppy and the materials are inferior. Now that this is established, you may be wondering what you really should be looking for, so here are some pointers:

Reliable References

Any quality roofer will have past clients they can point you towards and who will be happy to advocate for their work. A long line of satisfied customers is arguably the most important thing that should be included on a roofer’s list of qualifications.

Proper Licensing

Due to the importance and complexity of roof repairing and installation, the roofers in Sunnyvale, you hire should be qualified to actually undertake such work. As a result, a qualified roofer should be happy to present you with the documents proving their qualification for the job.

Liability Insurance And Worker’s Compensation

Similar to the licensing, proof of worker’s compensation and liability insurance should be just as freely given. The purpose of business liability insurance is to provide protection to the homeowner in the event of damages inflicted by any of the workers. Similarly, worker’s compensation serves to protect the homeowner against being held liable should any of the workers sustain injuries while on the property. Should such certification not be freely provided, then you should look for another roofer right away.

Accreditation From The Better Business Bureau

In addition to positive client feedback, you will also want to look at the roofer’s Better Business Bureau record and accreditation. A positive record with the BBB will provide you with further peace of mind when it comes to the roofer’s work ethic.

A Written Contract

If you are looking into a roofer who is for some reason unwilling to commit to your requirements in writing, then you should keep looking for a better option. A contract should be put to paper and signed by both parties. In it, project details such as the date of completion, the costs for labor and materials, and warranty should all be stated in great detail, and be agreed upon by both parties.


As previously mentioned, it is important that your roofer provides quality work which they stand behind. This should be reflected in the warranty they offer you. Thus, ensure that the company that you work with is licensed, insured and bonded. This will eliminate hidden charges and unprofessional services from the crew.