When it comes to deciding between repair and replacement, you should think about your expenses first and foremost. A repair job may be cheaper now, but if the majority of the rest of the roof is simply going to need to be patched in a few months’ time as well, you’ll eventually end up spending even more on repairs than you would have on the replacement the first time around.
There are multiple ways to fix a roof. From a simple repair of a leak, over a partial replacement, to a complete replacement, there are options you should be aware of and decide from before you even hire a roofer to come in. You could also ask to build the new roof on your already existing roof but that is rarely recommendable.


There are quite a few factors that come into play when the time comes and you have to decide between getting your roof repaired or replaced. Among these factors are: the age of the roof, the extent of the damage, and the location of said damage. The roofing contractor will be able to evaluate the damage and will give you a written estimate, to ensure that you are aware of the requirements.

Damaged Or Missing Shingles

When it comes to cracked or torn shingles, replacement is generally quite easy. However, it can be a problem to find the same make and model as the ones already installed and a different type may not match. If your roof is fairly new and you kept leftover shingles, then great! Definitely use those. If your roof is older though, you may be struggling to find the right ones for your patch work.
The material and appearance of shingles keeps changing on the regular, and if your roof is a bit older, it will most likely be next to impossible to find a color match since your roof will have faded after years of sun exposure. But even then, you should still opt for repairing your roof. Mismatched shingles may stand out like a sore thumb, but the repair work will be cheaper and done in a jiffy by a roofing contractor in Menlo Park.
Of course, there is also an exception to this though. If you plan to sell your home in the near future, you should do your best to find matching shingles. By contacting a roofing company, you will be recommended the shingles most closely matching your roof. Once installed, potential buyers won’t be hung up by the appearance of the roof as they are evaluating their purchase.