Despite the unmistakable distance between a home’s roof and the curb that decorates the front yard, a home’s roofing contributes decidedly to the curb appeal of that same residence. Studies have shown that the typical home buyer judges a house on the market by its look from a curbside location. Roofers In San Mateo know that since a home’s curb appeal can give a realtor an excuse for increasing the seller’s asking price, it pays to investigate the nature of that roof-curb link.

The significance of the roof’s shape and pitch:

Those two features should match with the home’s architecture. The proper pairing of the roofing and the architectural style sends a clear message to any potential buyer. If both have simple lines, that message highlights the dignity of the viewed dwelling. By the same token, if both of them feature elaborate lines, the viewed residence assumes the look of a regal dwelling, such as a castle.

The significance of the roof’s color:

The roof’s color should complement the color of the home that enjoys the roofing’s protection. Still, homeowners should not overlook the hue of the trim around the windows and doors. That, too, ought to blend with the hues in the roof and the siding or the walls. A clash of colors detracts from the appeal of the dwelling’s overall appearance.

A third feature to consider:

The formation of stain spots on a roof can also detract from the dwelling’s curb appeal. Homeowners cannot control nature, which aids production of such stain spots. On the other hand, homeowners can control the type of material that has been used in a given rooftop.

Unlike tile or asphalt, metal roofing does not stain over time. For that reason, it pays to consider investing in a metal roof, if a roofing expert has suggested making plans for replacement of the existing rooftop. Yet that monetary expenditure aids creation of a different dollar figure.

How the appearance of a house equates with a dollar figure?

That appearance broadcasts to all that see it the extent of the homeowner’s readiness to invest in the house that has been put up for sale. No buyer wants to purchase a home that has not been maintained properly, unless he or she happens to be looking for a fixer-upper. Normally, the head of a family does not ask the spouse and children to live in fixer-upper.

In light of those facts, it becomes clear that a potential buyer judges a house the minute that the same residence gets seen from the curb. For that reason, its curb appeal plays a huge role in determining the seller’s asking price. That statement underlines the link between a home’s roof and its curbside appeal.