Homeowners are never likely to pay attention to their roofing systems unless its problems start showing up below. By that time, however, such problems may be spread so widely that they require a major effort to resolve.

Indeed, in some instances, repair is futile. So, reroofing becomes the only option left. In this vein, it is wise to recognize the signs that indicate your roof’s problems demand a new roofing system. The earlier you detect a problem, the less costly it will be. Following are some the heavy hints that your roof needs addressing.

Look for these Reroofing Indicators

Sagging Roof

The place for you to look for this is inside the house. A sagging roof will inevitably affect the ceiling, or even compromise the roofing membrane. If you see anything out of the ordinary with your ceiling, such as sagging sections in the attic, it’s likely an indication of a damaged roofing.

Water Damage/Leaks

You can check your walls for any signs of water damage or leaks. Dark spots and trails of moisture indicate telling material decay occurring behind the walls. The water damage does not only affect the integrity of the structure itself, but exposes it greatly to the risk of molds. The latter especially causes concern, for mold poses serious health risks to a home’s inhabitants. Each day mold passes without detection, the more serious this problem becomes.

Loose Materials Around Penetrations

Chimneys, pipes, vents, and other sorts of penetrations in the roofing system can affect the integrity of the overall structure. Check for any missing shingles or broken components that can allow moisture or rainwater to enter the home’s interior. The presence of shingle granules indicates your roof is entering an advanced stage of wear and tear.

Roofing Material

The durability of your roofing hinges on the kind of material used on your roof. A cedar roof, for example, is prone to splitting and disintegrating in dry climates, while proving vulnerable to moss in moist climates. Tiles, meanwhile, tend to break over time, though they are very popular for their known durability.

No matter the problem you detect in your roofing, choose the right kind of roofing material to resolve the issue. Learn about the pros and cons for each roofing material type. Consult with a professional, such as those from Shelton Roofing, to help you make a well-informed choice.

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