A Palo Alto roofer like one from Shelton Roofing is often called in for roofing installation and replacement. More than this, however, the services of one is also highly needed in maintaining a roof to help prolong and optimize its lifespan. This calls for regular inspections and repairs, not only of the roof itself but the roofing system’s other components, including the flashing and gutters, which are essential in protecting the roof and the home from water accumulation.


If you want to keep water out of your home, you should have experienced roofers in Menlo Park install flashing on your roof. This is necessary because the joints and intersections where the roof meet mounted structures like skylights, vent stacks, and towers are vulnerable to leaks. Without flashing, water would be able to seep in as cracks and gaps develop because of the natural contraction and expansion of the roofing materials.

Several materials may be used for flashing, including aluminum, stainless steel, and zinc alloy; and the choice will depend on a number of factors. Copper is the most popular material because of its flexibility and durability, but it is not recommended for roofs using dissimilar metals, like iron, as the combination could cause a chemical reaction that can weaken the structure. Other considerations include aesthetics and cost. Homeowners may consult professional roofers on the right material for their roof.

Once installed, flashing helps your roof weather the elements better. If it fails, perhaps due to poor installation or quality of material, you can expect leaks to develop quickly. Do regular inspections to see if the flashing is holding up. If there are problems, call in a roofing expert to do the repairs since it would usually involve soldering patches in, or completely replacing the flashing.

Gutter Repair

The gutters that line the edges of your roof are also essential in keeping water away from the roof and from your home’s foundation by channeling its flow to a safe place. Gutter damage is often caused by clogging from leaves and debris, and in colder climates, by frozen rainwater.

A clogged gutter can start to sag under the weight, not only making your home’s exterior look bad, but also causing water to be dumped directly against the walls of your house. This can result in water damage and leaks, which could also cause dry-rot on your roof. To avoid this, regular gutter maintenance and immediate repairs of damages are needed. Roofing experts can be called in to do repair work, or to replace your gutter if necessary.


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