Once the reason for an observed leak has been determined, it should become possible for a roofer to design a method for correcting the identified problem.

The original roof might have had a low slope.

That could lead to the pooling of water on the roof’s surface. The pools or rainwater would force the roofing structure to deal with added weight and pressure. The correction might call for introduction of a new drainage system. That could make up for the fact that the roof’s slope had failed to encourage a proper level of drainage.

The roof’s surface might have been dotted with poorly sealed penetrations.

A commercial roof tends to have far more penetrations than those that might be found on home’s rooftop. Although it seldom has a chimney, it could have gas lines, vents, HVAC units, pipes, or a skylight. Each of those would need to have the proper level of sealing. An improper seal would allow for creation of an opening. Water could enter through that same opening. That fact should highlight the need for properly sealed penetrations as per Roofers In San Mateo.

Several factors could have caused wear and tear on the roof’s membrane.

Because that membrane covers a flat surface, it can display the effects of foot traffic. Repeated exposure to the shoes on human feet can hasten the appearance of wear and tear on a roof’s membrane.

A commercial roof has a limited ability to withstand the elements and forces that tend to accompany harsh weather. If snow were allowed to accumulate on the roof’s surface, it could put added pressure on the membrane. Repeated exposure to such pressure could become a cause for wear and tear.

Sometimes, a technician climbs onto the roof to examine the operation of a vent or an HVAC unit. That technician might carry one of more tools. Any one of those tools might cause the membranous feature of the roofing to undergo a certain amount of mechanical damage.

Because there are so many factors that could affect a commercial roof, the owner of a business that has invited customers to a location under such roofing ought to arrange for regular inspections. Only by having the flat surface over a given business inspected could any business owner guarantee the safety of all customers.

Most mishaps in businesses are the result of a slip and fall incident. While business owners do need to be careful about the condition of their store or office’s floor, the condition of the roof is equally important. No business wants to see any customer get covered in material that has fallen from the ceiling. Yet poor attention to the condition of the roofing could lead to realization of such a scenario.