Prompt repair of any damage to roof shingles increases the length of the lifetime for the shingle-covered rooftop. For that reason, a smart homeowner ought to learn about the different methods for fixing a damaged shingle.

Evidence of a damaged area might be visible from the ground. Supplement a survey from the ground with one that has allowed for the making of observations, after climbing a ladder. Roof repair service in San Mateo will check for damage in the rooftop at least twice a year.

Dealing with a curled shingle

• Use caulking to glue down any curled corner.
• Follow that procedure on any shingle that has just started to curl.
• Put a weight on the caulk-treated corner for 24 hours, in order to reduce chances for development of more curling.

Dealing with cracked shingles

Put a thick line of roofing sealant under the part of a shingle with an obvious crack. Spread that same sealant with a knife.

Disguise the spot where the crack was attacked. Do that by looking in the gutter for any granules. Use those same granules over the repaired crack.

Actions to take if a shingle’s replacement were to become a necessity

• Use this method if a part of some shingle is missing.
• Check around the house for extra shingles. If none have been found, then buy some at a home center or a lumberyard.
• Assemble the needed tools: Hammer, flat pry bar, utility knife and group of roofing nails
• Slide the pry bar underneath the shingle that is above the damaged one. Remove the damaged shingle and its nails.
• Nail in place the shingle that must replace it.

Why it pays to perform a prompt fix on a damaged shingle:

That limits the amount of damage that could develop on other sections/shingles of the roof. When an older roof has only a few damaged sections, then it can be covered with metal roofing.

That quick and easy procedure can save time and money. In addition, it does not invite the appearance of termites. In addition, it keeps the home cool and lasts longer than the original roofing material.

Do not make a hasty decision, with respect to possible changes in a home’s roof.

Not all homes can support a metal roof. Arrange for a professional roofer to inspect your home, before you attempt installation of a metal roof over top of the roof’s original shingles.

Make a point of planning head. If you have thought about putting solar panels on the rooftop, then consider installing copper roofing over any old shingles. Those companies that install solar panels urge their clients to select copper as the metal-of-choice. Of course, if you do not plan to go solar, then pick zinc, aluminum or stainless steel.