A proper and well-maintained roof plays an important part in making your house habitable. It protects you and your home from the elements and provides insulation as well. If any problems develop with your roofing in California, immediate repairs or re-roofing is necessary, to ensure the house’s structural integrity and the safety of its occupants. You can’t do all these alone, though; the dangerous and back-breaking work involved in roof replacement or repair entails the help of roofing contractors in Palo Alto, CA such as Shelton Roofing.

Roof Issues Needing Repair

There are many roof problems a simple repair job can fix, but the most common is a leak. Leaks may be caused by minor cracks, corroded welding, or other things that may result in water entering walls and ceilings. If left alone, leaks could trigger water damage, which in turn, could warp or rot wood, if you have a wooden house.

Moisture from leaks would prompt the growth of molds and mildew, too. Have a professional roofer look around for the leak source and plug it with sealants, or replace the faulty part of the roof that’s causing the leak.

Broken shingles is another common roof problem. Shingled roofs look great and are good for insulation and protection because they’re usually made of durable materials like asphalt. Shingles can still be damaged by accident, though. Professional roofing contractors can replace damaged shingles to prevent leaks from developing.

Roof Issues Needing Replacement

Needless to say, if the damage or problem is too severe, roof replacement or reroofing is the best option. Roof replacement, however, isn’t just for roofs that need repairs. You may also wish to replace your roof as part of your home renovation.

The main task in roof replacement is choosing the style and material of your roof, such as inexpensive asphalt shingles or heavy and tough slate roofing. The choice will depend on your needs and budget. Factors like color, texture, weight and durability are part of the considerations.

After selecting the material, the process of removing and replacing your current roofing will take some time. Palo Alto roof replacement companies such as Shelton Roofing would know how to do it efficiently and properly, so it would be best to leave the job to them.


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