The roof is every house’s shield against exposure to rough weather and the elements. A failing roof can cause discomfort for your family as well as a significant rise in your utility bills. By regularly inspecting your roof and making early repairs, you’ll be able to prolong its service lifetime and avoid major inconveniences down the road. Recognize the signs that you may need the help of Palo Alto, CA roofing contractors.

Know how to spot the signs of a failing roof to prevent unnecessary damage to your home

Stains and Leakage

You’ll see water marks or metal stains on the walls, but these can go unnoticed if a particular area is seldom visited. Attics, for instance, are the first to be exposed to leakage; when left unattended for a long time, molds can accumulate on damp areas. Check for signs of ice, water, rotten wood, musty smells, or daylight peeking through roof holes.

Sagging Roof

A depression on the roof indicates that there is damage to the wood structure under the shingles. The problem could be on the ridges, the slope, or between the rafters, and that may mean your roof is rotting or under strain and starting to give way. Leading causes are an insufficient number of shingles or unchecked water build-up.

Damaged and Missing Shingles

If you notice an unusual amount of granules at your gutter’s base after rain storms, it could be a sign that your shingles are already near the end of their lifespan. This phenomenon is characterized by a dirty appearance due to blistering, cracks, and curling, causing the shingles to gradually separate. Missing shingles make roofs more vulnerable to the damage of extreme weather conditions.

Rise in Energy Bills

An unexpected increase in your HVAC costs is always a sign of problems on air circulation and ventilation. A broken roof allows cold air into your home in months when you need heat the most, causing your bills to rise. Likewise, a broken roof allows cool air to escape your home during hot months; this means your AC would have to increase its output in order to compensate for the rising temperatures.

When looking for contractors specializing in roof repairs for Palo Alto homes, consider the length of industry experience. Professionals who offer high-quality service often have a long list of satisfied customers referring them. Shelton Roofing, for example, is a 70-year-old business and Diamond Certified, which means it has high ratings and strong recommendations from its customers.

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