Roofs are designed for utmost sturdiness to withstand and keep you protected from the elements. However, they are also among the least maintained parts of a house, and people tend to not give theirs a second glance unless it starts to cause inconvenience. Just because your Palo Alto home’s roof does not leak doesn’t mean that it’s sensible to conclude it’s in good shape. Your roof may be giving out these warning signs that it needs repair or even replacement.

Roof Damage

  1. Brittle shingles. Granules shield shingles from the sun’s UV rays, but they fall off over time with direct exposure to heat as well as hail and storm. Once a significant percentage of its granules is gone, a shingle becomes brittle and wearing accelerates from then on. If you notice granules accumulating on your gutter or pouring out of your downspouts, then it could be sign that your shingles are already close to the end of their service lifetimes. Cracks will let water get through the shingles, which would definitely be a big problem. Bald, withered shingles can’t be repaired; a full replacement is necessary.
  1. Buckling shingles. When the wood decking is wrinkled due to moisture exposure during a roof installation, chances are your shingles won’t lie flat against it. This is a situation known as buckling. The problem should solve out on its own as the decking dries out, but if considerable disruption occurs due to persistent buckling, it’s time to call in a Palo Alto roof repairs specialist to have the shingles and underlayment components replaced.
  1. Saggy decking. Rafters serve as your roof’s support frame, much like your skeleton is to your body. Depending on the degree of damage, they’re especially tough to repair and there’s no telling when they might come off again. On the other hand, if your roof sags due to water damage, you will notice soft and spongy spots if you walk on your roof. This is dangerous, so it’s better to have a professional come over to check and perform the necessary replacement or repairs before your roof completely caves in.

Leaks are the ultimate consequence of roof damage, but why wait when simple observation skills can save you from inconvenience and costly repairs? Repairing your roof is a job better left to the hands of an expert because of its complicated and risky nature. Watch out for the above signs and employ the services of roofing contractors such as those working with a Palo Alto company like Shelton Roof.


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