As you prepare for the installation of a new roof, you need to perform serious research on your choice of roofing material. This is a critical aspect of your material selection, as it directly affects the quality of your home. Your roof after all, is your home’s first line of defense against the elements.


Among the better roof options for Palo Alto and Sunnyvale homes are wood shakes and shingles. So what makes them ideal for your home? Get to know this particular roofing material more intimately with the information below.

About wood shakes and shingles

Wood shakes and shingles installed by your roofer are sourced from different types of wood including cypress, pine, redwood, and western red cedar. Shakes are thicker at the butt end than shingles. Another difference between the two is that shakes usually have a split face and sawn back, while wood shingles are sawn on both sides. Wood shingles also typically have an even taper and uniform thickness.

Wood shakes and shingles are often pressure-treated with various chemicals that increase their fire resistance and prevent early decay. Pine shakes in particular, require interlayment felts before they can be installed onto a roof.


Here are some of the biggest reasons to consider wood shakes and shingles for your upcoming roof installation project:

Stability – Wood shakes and shingles are able to maintain their original dimensions and fight off shrinkage. This ability, along with their low density, makes wood shakes and shingles ideal for use even in humid conditions. They lie flat, stay straight, and adhere to fastenings securely, allowing for durable installations.

Resistance to elements – Wood itself is already inherently resistant to various weather conditions, and thanks to chemical treatment, wood shakes and shingles can resist elemental damage better than normal. UV rays, insects, and strong winds can do little to damage them.

Insulation – Wood is a natural insulator that’s able to keep temperatures consistent inside the home. This can help you save money on your heating and cooling bills.

Want to learn more about wood shakes and shingles and how they can benefit your home? Feel free to talk to knowledgeable roofers in the Palo Alto and Sunnyvale area, such as Shelton Roof.

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