If you are looking at sturdy options for your new roof, many will recommend putting up a metal roof over your head. In many ways, your choice of Palo Alto roofing contractor will help prove them right. Writing for the Triple Pundit, Paul Kazlov said metal roofs can be a good solution to recently brewing environmental issues such as global warming.

Metal Roofing- An Unlikely Way to Reduce Waste and Save Energy

Much has been said about the weather in Palo Alto, CA, especially when you consider the moderate precipitation the city receives annually. Stranger things can still happen, given the weather fluctuations due to climate change. When you do need to change your old roof with a better, stronger material, be ready to give a leading Palo Alto re roofing company like Shelton Roofing a call.

Material Choice

When choosing your new metal roofing, you often have a choice of either galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, or tin. You will have free rein on crafting the final design of the new roof, and your contractor can augment the project with knowledge to achieve desired results. For example, when you are considering a standing-seam metal roof, the design may involve a general roofing system for much of the house but the section for the ridges will be on a slightly raised platform, with the gap being the space for attic ventilation.

Just Call it Shield

Your contractor can enlighten you on why installing a metal roof may be one of the best budget-friendly home improvements around. For one, some federal studies have tagged metal roofing for its ability to easily reflect much solar radiation off the house. This can ease the stress on the house’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

Waste Footprint

If your house has long had a metal roof but circumstances have somehow degraded its integrity and service life, the door can be open for a reroofing job. That by itself is an advantage of metal roofs; Kazlov said many metal roofing sheets have up to 40% recycled steel mixed in with them. Spent sheeting can be sent to a recycling plant for reconversion as base metal for other uses.

Different Kind of Accentuation

There are homeowners who may have enough resources for a total reroof job to be done on their house and then some. A new set of gutters, for example, may augment the protection value for the new roof against water leaks. Structural integrity can be preserved by adding or reinforcing the flashing.

Some homeowners may see the viability of having a sheet of “real steel” adorn the top of their house. Fortunately, adequate preparation and quality workmanship by your preferred roofing contractor will make it happen in more ways than one.

(Source: Metal Roofing: An Unlikely Way to Reduce Waste and Save Energy, Triple Pundit)