You’re having some leaking problems with your roof. Now, you’re wondering if you should shingle over the leaks and save a few bucks, or tear off your existing roof and replace with an entirely new one. Although a minor repair here and there can save you money now, it can end up costing you more in the long run.

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Over time, the plywood under your shingles can turn weak and brittle, causing further damage to your home’s structure. If this is the condition of your roof now, then a simple shingling job will be like placing Band-Aid over a deep-seated wound—it’s not going to solve the problem. To help you decide which the right move for your situation is, your dependable Palo Alto roofing professionals would like to offer you these tips:

Is the damage confined to one side of the roof?

If only one side is damaged, partial reroofing is a viable option that can let you earn thousands of dollars in savings. Repairing one side of roofing also makes it easier to blend new shingles with old ones, because the difference in color will be less noticeable.

Is your roof more than two decades old?

20 years is the normal lifespan of a roof. If your roof is older than that and you’re getting leaks, replacing the entire roof will be the best way to go. Of course, layering new shingles over an existing roof is a possible solution, but no more than two layers is advised because the roof structure may not be able to handle the added weight. So if these is to be your third layer, then it will be better to replace your roof entirely.

Is your roof structure in good condition?

Even if your roof is only a few years old, it can still suffer massive damage if it is not well-built. You need to evaluate the condition of your roof deck and check for rot, inadequate sheathing, and the percentage of bad shingles you have. To be on the safe side, you may want a Palo Alto roofing professional to inspect your roof assembly for you.

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