The period of June to September is the hottest in California. Intellicast cites temperatures in Menlo Park, CA and Palo Alto, CA historically peaking in July and August. The heat is one of the biggest nemesis of roofing in the state. Enlighten Me lists the sun’s UV rays as among the causes of roof deterioration, especially when it comes to  asphalt shingles. The shingles go dry, develop cracks and blisters, and eventually fall off the roof. When this happens, the sheathing beneath could get exposed, making the whole roof more vulnerable to other elements.

Things can get worse if the attic is poorly ventilated. When the attic gets too warm, it can bake the shingles from underneath, accelerating their deterioration.

Preemptive Measures Needed

The roof is your protection. If it’s compromised, the interior of your home gets directly exposed to heat and other elements. So, it’s important that you avoid damages to the roof, or at least catch them while they are not yet too severe. With the summer heat intensifying, ensuring your roofing is in good condition becomes critical.

Signs of Damage

Doing a preliminary visual inspection of your roof will be a good idea. To do this effectively, though, you must know what signs to look for. Some signs can be seen from the exterior while others from the interior.

From Outside. Any amount of fallen shingles on your yard are surefire signs of damage. If they have not yet fallen off, check for buckling, cracks, discoloration, rot, blisters, and the like. Other types of roof exhibit other signs of damage, such as mold or decay for wooden roofs, and patches for flat roofs. Also take a look at the flashing, gutters, and the chimneys, if any. These areas are commonly prone to damage.

From Inside. Check your ceiling for sagging areas. Moisture marks and stains may also indicate damage, although they are more related to rain seeping through leaks. Don’t forget to check the attic for dark spots or trails. It’s a good idea to do this on a bright day so you can also easily see if light is passing through any part of your roof.

If you find any of these in your inspection, call in roof repair professionals, like Shelton Roofing, for a closer inspection and necessary repairs.


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