The roof is a highly durable structure on the home that can withstand different types of weather and environmental elements. Unfortunately, it can begin to wear down over time due to damage or age.

When you want to perform a roof inspection and perform necessary repairs, there are a few steps to take as a homeowner.

Check the Attic

The most efficient way to find leaks that may be present is to inspect the attic with a flashlight. Examine the roof boards and check for areas where water stains are present or sunlight is coming through the roof deck.

inspecting roof

If water is visible, inspect the insulation for mold. You may need to hose off the roof to determine if any water comes through. If leaks are present, hire a roofing contractor to seal the deck underneath the tiles or shingles.

Inspect the Flashing

The flashing is located on vents and chimneys on the roof and is effective at sealing off the structure from moisture where the features are installed. Check to see if the flashing has lifted, which will allow water in and can lead to damage to the inside of the building.

Check for Missing Shingles

You’ll need to evaluate the condition of the roof and look for any areas where shingles are loose or have fallen off of the building. The roofing materials can fall off in the middle of storms or high winds.

A common sign that the roof is failing is if you find shingle granules in your rain gutters by shaking them. You can find emergency roof repair services to reapply the shingles with roofing cement and continue protecting the home.

Look for Sagging

Take a close look at the exterior of your house to evaluate the condition of the roof. You’ll need to look for sagging that is present, which can cause the roof to cave in if too much pressure is applied. Inspecting the rain gutters will also prevent standing water from accumulating on the top the house. The rain gutters should redirect the water at least five feet away from the building.
If you see any sign of possible issues as you inspect your roof, let professional roofing contractors, like those from Shelton Roofing, deal with them immediately and effectively.


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