As more homeowners look for effective and long-lasting roofing systems, Roofing Contractors in Sunnyvale would be the best person that can give you responsible advice. Usually, they recommend a modern roofing style and system for long lasting benefits. Some of these are:

• Clay tiles: As tile roofing is expensive, if you are opting for clay tiles instead of concrete tiles, there are good for curb appeal, durability, fire safety and are low maintenance. These are crafted by baking clay tiles, when the density is on duration and baking temperature. The common colors are terra-cotta,orange, yellow, and white.

• Concrete tiles: These are made from water, sand and cement. Each concrete tile is molded under heat and high pressure. It is strong and imitates wood shake, stone, slate and clay tile.

• Slate: This is one of the most affordable, durable and water resistant with a variety of colors across the entire roof. These are non-polluting and recyclable material which is much in demand.

• Metal: One of the most durable materials, metal roofing is recyclable and can even be installed over the current roof. These are low maintenance, durable and versatile. The most used roofing metals are zinc, tin, steel, aluminum and copper.

• Cement fiber roofing: Used in the past as siding material, it is important material for roofing now. Crafted from sand, cement and cellulose fibers and has the strength to resist salt air. It is durable in extreme conditions.

However, irrespective of the roofing material that is used, your roof requires immediate attention on these key factors:

• Leakages: Some are hidden leaks while others are very noticeable. Oftentimes, some of the things that are notable are stains inside and outside the exterior wall. Most of the streaks begin at the roof and wet stains can be seen going down. If there are stains on the ceiling, you can be sure of water collecting on the roof and seeping in.

• Professional workmanship: If you are investing in a new roof, it is important that you get the repairs done right. You need to get licensed professionals that know their job, so that repairs or even replacements last for years.

• Pooling water: There are many buildings with a flat roof which does not let the water drain away easily. If your building has such a roof, it is important to keep a tab on the collection of water on the roof. Damage to tiles, degradation of the roofing material and neglect can be reasons for water leakage.

Thus, irrespective of the type of tiles you use, it is important to ensure that proper attention is given to minor issues such that they do not snowball and become larger issues.