Proper maintenance helps to increase the lifetime of a commercial roof. Such maintenance concerns all aspects of the rooftop’s structure, including its shape.

Most commercial roofs appear flat, but actually have a slight slope.

The owner of a commercial building must obey any local or state regulations that relate to the rooftops on commercial properties.Sometimes the State or Federal government comes out with new safety regulations. Each building owner must make whatever changes are necessary, in order to satisfy the latest regulations.

A municipality ought to institute fines that are high enough to pressure building owners into obeying any regulations. Sometimes a building owner can profit from defiance of a given regulation. In other words, the owner makes more money by disobeying a given rule, than he or she must pay as a fine.

Obligations of those that schedule or carry out a roofing maintenance project

Examine rate at which water goes down drain; try to prevent pooling of rainwater.
If rate appears to slow, make corrections in the degree of the roof’s slope.
Remain alert to the possible existence of specific problems.

—Check for gaps in spaces where there are vents; improper placement of flashing can aid creation of gaps.
—Study the flashing around any object that protrudes onto the roof’s surface. If flashing is damaged, then fix it.
—Check for any damage caused by foot traffic. Due to its shape, a commercial roof could become subject to a good deal of foot traffic.

Roofing Contractor in San Mateo will aid determination of need for a roof replacement. That could add 20 to 25 years to the roof’s lifetime. When it comes time to sell a commercial property, a prospective buyer should appreciate the value in the presence of a new rooftop structure.

Well-maintained roofing does not have a tendency to leak.

Leaks are bad for business.

—Drops from a leak could hit a customer, if a delayed inspection has allowed for creation of a leaking spot on the ceiling of some room.
—Drops on the floor could make the floor’s surface slippery; a customer could slip and fall on that wet spot.
—Seepage in an area near the leak could ruin stored items.
Maintenance strives to identify spots where some leaking has already taken place.
—Such spots might form a watermark on the ceiling or wall
—Eventually, the spot’s existence would showcase the existence of a problem that needed immediate attention.

Regular maintenance can serve as a way for the building owner to prioritize those projects that need to be started or completed.

—It can prevent initiation of a new project, when area of identified damage has to be corrected or fixed