There could be a multitude of reasons why your roof is suddenly leaking, some of which are easy to spot and quick to get fixed, and others which are more difficult to figure out. To help you in your endeavor to get your roof back into shape, we have put together a list of warning signs to watch out for.

Water Seeping Through

The most common and easiest to spot sign is water leaking through the roof and into the interior of your home. No matter how qualified you may feel in regards to fixing this problem by yourself, you should never undertake anything without consulting an expert and having them present. The results of messing up your roof can be dangerous and disastrous. It will lead to mold and mildew which can be detrimental for the health of your home.

A Stained Wall Or Ceiling

If you suddenly notice a mysterious stain on the wall under the roof line, you are most likely dealing with a leak. This stain will most likely have the appearance of a brown or blackish puddle and will be the result of water seeping through the roof via a leak. Similar stains can most often be found near the chimney and vents. It is also important to note that the stains may be found further from the source as a result of the water moving along the rafters. Once you have noticed a stain, or multiple, like this somewhere along your wall or ceiling, you should call in roofers in Menlo Park right away.

Dripping In The Attic

Similar to the sound of a leaking tab, you may hear a dripping sound coming from the attic when you have a leaking roof. You can go up there and check it out yourself, but even if you cannot find the source, you shouldn’t just discard the problem. Call in an expert as soon as possible and have them take a look. They will be able to look at the issues with the roof and work upon it accordingly.

A Moist And Rotting Roof

This one can get really dangerous really quickly. A roof in that bad a condition is damaged in its very own structural integrity. It won’t take long before the decking also gets affected by moisture and begins to rot. This results in its inability to keep the water out of your home any longer. If you neglect to address this as soon as possible, you may be left with a roof that is beyond saving and needs to be replaced in its entirety.