The homeowner that has chosen to invest in a new roof must make several important decisions. This guidance should help those Californians that are faced with making that sort of decision.

Things to consider before studying these recommendations:

How much weight will the roofing structure on your home support? If you now have shingles on your rooftop, then that structure cannot support more than 6 pounds per square foot. However, if you have a tile roofing in San Mateo, then the underlying structure can support up to 10 pounds per square foot.

Right now, what sort of roof can be found on the other homes in your neighborhood? Give thought to any definite or potential future plans. You should not arrange for installation of an unusual structure on a building that could go on the market in the near future.

Commonly used styles on roofs in California

Asphalt: Most homeowners can afford this material. Moreover, today, most asphalt shingles come in different colors. Each shingle resists the effects created by high winds. Still, any one shingle might crack, if exposed to sudden temperature changes. Furthermore, the shingle’s lifetime decreases in attics that lack good ventilation.

In light of those facts, what would be the recommended warranty for an asphalt roof? A professional roofer would say that you could not give a simple answer to that question. The expected length for each shingle’s lifetime would depend on the quality of the material that was supporting it.

Concrete tile: This type of roof lasts longer than one made of asphalt; yet it costs a good deal more. Still, that high cost reflects the delivery of specific benefits. A tile roof does not come with high maintenance costs. By the same token, it helps to hold in any warm air, and it comes in a variety of designs.

What to keep in mind about the roof’s color?

A homeowner should select a shade that is a bit darker than the color on the home’s walls. The sunshine should make that dark surface appear lighter. It does not pay to try creating a perfect match between the roof and the exterior walls.

Pick a color that looks good throughout the day. Realize that sunbeams will hit it from different angles. Once a home has gone on the market, the seller has no control over the sun’s position in the sky, at the time when a potential buyer has decided to study a curbside view. Think twice before selecting a bold or unusual color, unlike the ones selected by neighbors. Keep in mind the fact that any home’s roof should help to sell it, and not be something that, one day, reduces the number of interested buyers.