Of all the possible roofing problems, water intrusion tops the list of the ones that a homeowner should work to prevent. Luckily, proper roof maintenance can serve as an effective means of reducing the chances for leak formation. Certain spots should get the attention of a home’s owner.

Roof flashings

These are thin strips of metal that direct water away from vulnerable sections of the rooftop. Each strip of aluminum or steel gets installed at the point where the roof meets a vertical surface, such as a wall.

It is best to have roofers in San Mateo carry out the process that guarantees completion of the flashings’ installation. In that way there is less chance that some section with poorly installed flashings does not become a weak spot. It is a fact of nature that water finds it easy to discover and work its way through any weak spots.


Each gutter catches the rainwater and directs it away from the home’s foundation. All gutters require proper cleaning and maintenance. Small cracks can be fixed by using a sealant; a homeowner should invest in patching, upon discovery of a larger crack in any gutter. In addition, homeowners need to check on the flow from the downspout, which receives the gutters’ rainwater.


The fascia is a long board that runs along the roof’s lower edge. It keeps water out of the gap that exists at the junction of the roof edge and the wall. At the same time, it serves another important function. The fascia holds the gutters. For that reason, it needs to be inspected on a regular basis. Development of rot or rust on the fascia’s surface could reduce its ability to function as the gutters’ support.

Any section of a rooftop where a repair worker has stepped

Smart homeowners allow only professional roofers to step out onto an area of roofing. A homeowner’s awareness of the need to protect the roof could motivate the purchase of items called pavers. That would seem to remove any concerns, regarding the possible harm from a worker’s footstep.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Pavers can hide things like signs of deterioration, small bits of debris, tiny animal nests and evidence of insects. The presence of any one of those unwanted items could weaken the rooftop’s integrity. Furthermore, no family wants small animals or insects invading the home’s attic.

Moreover, a professional roofer understands more than just where to step, and where not to tread. Professional roofers also know how to install items like flashings. If the rooftop contains any sort of chimney, then that same chimney should be wrapped in flashings. In the absence of those metal strips, the roof could start to leak.