Some roof damages may seem simple enough to fix via DIY methods. However, others are quite serious that only a skilled roofing contractor in Sunnyvale should handle them. Roofing installation and material handling can involve meticulous work, which is the expertise of professionals who have gone through intensive training and actual experience.

Inspect Roof

An article in Herald-Standards notes the importance of timely inspections and maintenance of roofs to avoid further costly damages. Thorough roof inspections should be done by experts, especially after extreme weather conditions. These help preserve the roof’s integrity and avoid injurious amateur attempts. As the feature advises:

“Consult a roofing expert. If you are unsure if your roof has made it through the winter unscathed and would like a second opinion or if you find there is considerable damage, contact a roofing contractor. This person will offer a professional assessment of what can be repaired or if the roof should be replaced. If your roof is metal or features clay tiles, you may not have the expertise to make repairs yourself and will need to hire a professional.”

Replacement of loose, broken or torn shingles, tiles, and slate components should not be left in the hands of amateurs. Wood and asphalt may need further treatment to enable resistance to water damage and fire hazards. Clay and slate are delicate, and their rather fragile nature requires calculated manipulation and/or the application of appropriate bonding or sealing agents.

Water damage evidenced from rot or mold growth are detrimental to the roof’s functionality. The extent of the damage should be comprehensively determined and addressed. Replacements using water and moisture-resistant roofing materials and underlays may be necessary. Efficient gutter systems may also be installed strategically to prevent water pooling.

Visible defects from factors like extreme weather conditions warrant professional care. When adverse weather strikes, seek emergency roof repair in Sunnyvale from experts like Shelton Roofing right away. This will help in safeguarding your home through a stable roofing system.

(Source: As the weather clears, inspect the roof for damage, Herald-Standard, February 14, 2014)