Roof flashing is an important factor that most amateur roofing contractors miss out on when repairing the roof This is why it is always recommended to work with an experienced and reputable roofing contractor in Sunnyvale.


In particular, flashing refers to the process of extra protection on areas that are prone to leakages. Flashing directs the flow of water around the multiple openings. Note that without flashing, water can seep into the walls and cause them to become weaker. Most of the time, seeping goes unnoticed, which can cause long-term structural problems.

Different Flashing Materials Available

There are various flashing materials that are available such as plastic, composite materials or sheet metal. However, aluminum flashing is mostly recommended by expert roofing contractors since it is durable, water-resistant and can easily be cut unlike other materials such as copper.

Here are a few areas that often need to have flashing done.

Dormer Flashing

Dormer windows are highly prone to leakages. Metal such as aluminum is regarded as the best material for dormer windows’ flashing. During the process, squares are inserted between the rows of roofing material or a strip is used to surround the dormer.


There are different vents on your roof that need to be taken care of through flashing. Whether you are installing a new vent or working with an already established vent, it is important to ensure that the vents are not prone to leakages. The best way is to install vents made of aluminum.

Pipe Vents

Pipe vents, otherwise known as pipe stacks, also require flashing to ensure that water does not come in and damage the roof. To do this, the roofing contractor must cut out the contour and shape of the pipe from the roof shingles. This should be fitted at the bottom portion of the pipe. After which, place the pipe flashing, so that the bottom part overlaps the shingle row.

Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is the most important aspect of flashing and a job that can only be done by expert. Flashing is installed between joints and the base of the chimney, ensuring that the water is unable to seep in.

Flashing is an important aspect of roofing, but unfortunately, not all roofing contractors consider these when working on your roof. When shopping for a roof repair professional in Sunnyvale, look for one that provides an option for flashing for your roof with his or her roofing services.



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