Whether you are living in the city or right at the edge of the suburbs, sooner or later, your Sunnyvale residence will need roof repair. Though it is easy to leave the decision of whether to replace or repair the affected part or to install an entirely new roof to a professional Sunnyvale roofing contractor, it is still wise to learn and understand the suitability and cost-efficiency of different roofing materials for your own reference.


There are lots of different roofing materials available with very different levels of durability, water resistance, strength and aesthetics. The choice can be daunting to a simple homeowner. However, if you choose right, a house with the most suitable roofing material will always look picture-perfect.

Traditional roofing materials

In the United States, majority of homeowners choose shingles as their go-to roofing material because they are relatively cheap, easy to install or replace, and adds a nice texture to any home. However, shingle type (whether asphalt or wood) roofs are not durable and will need constant maintenance if you don’t want to pay for roof repairs every 5 years. Additionally, wooden shingles are prone to algae and mold growth – especially in tropical or humid climates. In such cases, a special fungicide treatment will be necessary to kill all the fungi-causing microbes before installation.

Clay and concrete tiles are also common, particularly in areas with warm or dry weather, as it provides excellent heat insulation, which can mean up to 30% savings on energy bills. Additionally, clay and concrete tiles give any home a distinct Mediterranean vibe that is both beautiful and quaint. They are also so durable that, given the proper maintenance, they can last up to  50 years. However, these roofing materials are quite heavy so they require additional framework support.

Another popular roofing material is slate. It exudes the style and elegance of Italian and French design, with the additional benefit of being fireproof. Slate requires little to no maintenance and is fairly durable. However, it is also very expensive and only those who have the means to spend more on the initial outlay can probably afford this option. A slate roof won’t need repair for decades.

No matter which option you choose, always remember to consult a professional roofing contractor so the they can give a proper assessment and estimate of your roofing project.


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