One of the problems many Palo Alto homeowners face is pest infestation. Animals of different proportions especially like the safety and comfort that attic and roof spaces provide. As insects find their way through the roof, larger animals tend to follow in to forage for food, creating burrows and holes that result in costly repairs. Many times, roofing professionals would be called in to help fix extensive damage caused by these unwanted visitors.

Roof Severely Damaged by Pest Infestation

Harboring Critters. Insects follow a certain life cycle. There are months they aren’t as active and invasive so you’re lucky if you are able to hinder their proliferation before you find yourself warding off swarm attacks. Roofing handymen usually find hornets, bees, and wasps on the roofline, deep in the sidings or inside the roof itself, which can be hardly noticeable. Carpenter ants, on the other hand, glorify the rare California rains and are found on the wet, rotting woods of leaky roofs.

Gnawing mammals. These include mice, rats, raccoons and squirrels.  Although they sometimes look cute in animal videos, they would no longer be as adorable once you find how much damage they have caused. These fellas have teeth that are strong enough to chew through wood and leave holes to invite more invaders in. With that, and their natural doggedness, they could pull your shingles loose, damage your flashings, sidings and insulation and, worse, they may even chew your wiring!

Be wary of these signs

Not sure if you have some in your roof spaces right now? Pay attention to scratching and scurrying sounds. Observe electric cables and trees. Are there critters going to and fro? Take a look at your attic. A very obvious indicator would be the presence of droppings, along with the stench of urine.  Be sure to wear protective clothing, though, and avoid coming in contact with fecal matters.  Check for signs of leaks. Is the paint on your roof overhangs peeling? Observe your ceiling for dark areas that signify water build up.

Call a roofer

For minor damages, calling pest control and performing a few DIY touch ups may suffice. In the case of an aged roof, torn shingles or huge burrow holes, though, it would be best to hire a local roofing company in Palo Alto, such Shelton Roof, to do the repair and advice you on how to ward off these roof creatures.


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Bats. Bats are a very common attic intruder, as the darkness and quiet of the typical attic is often the closest they will find to a cave. Bats can squeeze through very small gaps in your roof or outer wall, and their presence usually indicates that your attic is less than airtight. Unfortunately, bat colonies can grow very large and be very hard to get rid of. The most common problems caused by bats are their droppings and the threat of disease that sometimes accompanies them.

When insects make their way into your roof, larger animals burrow in after them to feast on the bugs harboring in your attic or roof. When small burrowing animals get into your attic or roof, larger animals arrived to feed on them.

These unwanted visitors can wreak havoc for homeowners. When animals and insects make their way into the attic or roof, they can do extensive damage, which often times causes a significant damage that requires costly repairs.