Roof ReapirThere comes a time when your roof simply won’t due anymore and you need to have it redone. Everything wears down over time, and your roofing is no exception. It is constantly open to the elements and takes a beating year round. You can typically tell when it’s time to change your roofing by just looking at it, but if you aren’t sure feel free to contact a professional roofing company like Shelton Roofing to come give you an expert’s opinion. There are a multitude of benefits to having your roof done.

Avoid Leaks

When roofing wears down, it becomes unable to prevent water from leaking into the home. This could cause serious problems if it isn’t taken care of, even if it isn’t apparent at first. Most leaks won’t be identified right away because it doesn’t leak directly into the house, but instead into the attic. This can ruin your insulation and cause the wood to rot, in turn causing a lot more damage than it would cost to have your roof redone. It is well worth taking the time and resources to get the job done.


Your roofing can have a big impact on the gutters of your home. Not only can debris from the broken shingles fall in and clog them, but other material will get caught as well. Shingle granules will commonly clog up your gutters as well as they are torn off by the wind and other elements. This is also a good way to tell if you need your roofing done by checking and seeing just how much debris has fallen from your roof onto the gutters.


New roofing could give your home the padding it needs to quiet down a little bit. When it rains or is really windy, broken shingles can get pretty noisy. This can make it hard for members of your household to sleep and can be a big annoyance. Your home will be much quieter when you get your roofing done.

Exterior Enhancement

You don’t want your home to look trashy, and nothing looks worse than a rood that is falling apart with shingles falling off and moss in every nook and cranny. Having your roof redone will make your entire house look much nicer from the outside. If you’re especially picky about the exterior design of your home, you can even choose to get specific shingles that are a certain color that goes well with your home’s paint job and decorations. You wouldn’t believe how much this can enhance the look of your home until you actually do it.


You have several options to go about when you want to roof your home. You can either do it yourself, or have it done by a professional. It can be dangerous to do it yourself without experience, and you may not even do it right which could result in damages.. For this reason, it’s recommended that you use a professional company such as Shelton Roofing to get the job done.