Protecting and checking up on your roofing system may help you avoid a collapse in the future. In an October 20, 2014 article for the Claims Journal, structural engineers Sarah Byer and David Amori write:

Structural Deficiencies

Roof collapses can be sudden, catastrophic events caused by a particular loading condition or combination of loads. Roof collapses often happen with little or no warning, making this a particularly dangerous event. When investigating a roof collapse, the obvious perpetrators are examined: how much snow was on the roof, were the drains plugged up, were the winds in excess of the design wind speed and many others. Occasionally, the roof can be doomed to collapse months or years before an event due to design or construction related deficiencies allowing for a subrogation opportunity to recover cost of repairs.

Such scenarios can strike a chord among Menlo Park residents. The city usually experiences a mix of clear or cloudy weather, plus heavy thunderstorms in the last two months of the year, which can severely test structures that only have a modicum of roofing structure maintenance all year. This often calls for help from a roofing contractor in Menlo Park like the team at Shelton Roofing.

Load analysis

Your roofer must be briefed on the various environmental loads affecting the roof so far. According to the authors, rain and snow loads push down on the decking and the structure while wind action tends to stress the roofing upwards. This results in the upper and lower chords of the framework experiencing various degrees of tension and compression.

Water damage

Every homeowner and roofer recognizes the fact that water forming up on the roof can seep down and affect the internal frames. The gutters are also a culprit as any blockages will redirect the water into the foundation and the frames. Take note that the roof design may create chances for ponding even in a sloped roof because some sections actually dip; this can expose the affected area to further UV-triggered discoloration. The authors state that if you’re opting for a roof replacement, mark the ponding areas in the existing roof and factor the solutions into the final design.

Knowing the environmental conditions and the potential loading on your roof will be critical to the long-term survival of the roofing system. Have a contractor who knows residential roofing in Menlo Park, CA work it out with you.

(Source: Structural Deficiencies in Roof Collapses Can Lead to Subrogation Opportunities, Claims Journal, 20 October 2014)