People looking to install new roofing in their Menlo Park, CA homes have plenty of choices, considering the number of styles and materials on the market. To make an informed choice, here are brief descriptions of roofing styles and materials, and what to expect.

Style: Pitched or Flat?

Homeowners often confuse themselves with a range of roofing styles like Mansard, bonnet, and arched, but the decision actually boils down to two: pitched or flat. Pitched roofs are the ones with slopes. They are further classified according to how steep the slope is or how the slope is shaped. Each type of pitched roof has its own set of advantages.

Pitched roofs are better in eliminating water from your rooftop. The slope usually leads to the gutter, and the gutter leads the water away from your home’s foundation. Appearance-wise, pitched roofs improve your house’s curb appeal and attract passersby more.

The slope, however, limits the kind of materials you could use; higher pitches, in particular, can’t use heavier materials like slate as they would have a weaker support.

Flat roofs, meanwhile, are considerably easier to install and are more affordable. They are ideal for large buildings with plenty of floor space. A flat roof also provides additional space if you want to turn it into a penthouse or a roof garden.

With this type of roofing, however, it would be easy for rainwater to accumulate, resulting in pools of stagnant water on your roof, unless you clean them out regularly. Most of all, a flat roof can be boring to look at, making your home or office one big box.

Material: Asphalt, Wood, Metal or Slate?

Once you’ve chosen your style of roof, you can now choose among several materials that apply to your roof choice. The two most common are asphalt and wood.

Asphalt roof shingles are actually made of fiberglass sandwiched between asphalt and cement. They are lightweight and reasonably durable. Wooden shingles were the original inspiration for these; the two materials are the most affordable and popular. Between the two, wood requires more maintenance.

For homeowners seeking tougher materials, metal and slate are the answer. Both have high price tags, though, and slate can only be used in low-sloped or flat roofs because of its weight. Nevertheless, both are fire-resistant and can withstand inclement weather.

There will never be a lack of roofing styles and materials in CA. If you require installation of any kind of roofing around Sunnyvale, CA, or other roof services like roof flashing, gutter installation, or leak repair, roofing experts like Shelton Roofing can handle the task for you.


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