Taking care of your home requires regular maintenance, sometimes unscheduled ones, when repairs are needed urgently. The perks of homeownership oblige you to create the style, décor, and even the occasional additions or changes in house structure that you want through a renovation or remodeling around the interior or exterior space. Such major home improvement projects include roofing, which, after all, makes up just about the most important protective structure of the house. In his article for Buildings.com, Richard Fricklas points out the tendency of building owners to go for low-cost repairs, putting off what may, instead, be a more pressing solution: the need for a retrofit or roof replacement.


Building owners are frequently forced to address roofing problems according to Mother Nature’s schedule – not their own. Because of this, they’re often confronted with having to make roofing decisions when they’re not financially prepared, or when they’re lacking adequate information to reach a sound roofing decision.

Whether the problems are insidious leaks that are staining ceilings, walls, and ruining carpets, problems that interfere with operations within, or catastrophic losses, such as fire, wind blow-off, or a hailstorm, these decisions must be made promptly.

The first choice is usually repair, based on its relatively low cost. At what point, however, is such a measure uneconomical? Every roof eventually reaches the point where it can’t be maintained by inexpensive repairs. Once it has been decided that a particular roof is beyond repair, then re-cover, retrofit, and replacement options arise.

Your local roofing company will inspect and recommend what can be done based on the extent of wear and tear or damage on your roof. Repair is best performed before any extensive damage can occur beneath the layers of insulation. Roof repairs are usually reserved for minor damages, such as leaks, curled shingles, localized algae growth, or damaged field seams or flashings.

However, the same damages, when extensive enough, may come to a point of no return, where errant leaks that cause frequent staining on the ceiling or walls are beyond repair. In such cases, roof replacement may be the only remedy. If residents continue to experience recurrent leaks, inadequate ventilation, excessive temperature, or high humidity—all of which may be attributed to the deterioration of the integrity of the roofing system, chances are your local roofing contractor will advise you to have a roof replacement.

Consult your Menlo Park, CA, roofing professional, such as Shelton Roofing, to learn about the different options available for your roof replacement. There are different types of materials whose properties are ideal for certain climates.

For instance, California is sunny all year long, but also experiences sudden weather changes that take their toll on residential and commercial roofing alike. Reputable companies on roofing in Sunnyvale, CA provide high quality and ideal products and repair, installation, and maintenance services to Sunnyvale and Menlo Park residents, as well as to residential and building owners in the surrounding areas.

(Source: Reroof or What?, Buildings.com, June 24, 2010)