Roofs are usually neglected and most homeowners forget to check it regularly unless they find leaks. However, if you are one of them, then you need to take immediate action before there is further damage to your property. Oftentimes, damage signs are not immediately visible if they are in a nascent stage as summer is a rough time for the roof. Some of the things that you need to watch our on your roof during summer includes:

Heat damage: Some roofing material is more durable than others that get damaged due to harsh heat. With exposure to extreme heat some of the roofing material can get brittle over time. Additionally, extreme cold and extreme heat over a period of time can lead to cracks and warping of the roof. This reduces the structural integrity of the roof and can lead to further damage if it goes unnoticed. Thus, it is important to use heat resistant materials for your roof.

Additionally, it has been seen that adhesive can be damaged by melting away due to high heat. Thus, call in the roofing contractor in Menlo Park occasionally makes sense.

Moisture damage: If you have neglected the level of moisture on the roof, over time it can spread if there is little or no ventilation. If the moisture is trapped, you might see a quick growth of mold and mildew in areas where the moisture is the highest. Additionally, you might see the water droplets forming when there is high amount of trapped moisture.

Clogged gutters: Another major issue is not cleaning the gutters before winter sets in. Summers bring in winds and falling leaves, rain and debris that clogs up the pipes and gutters. With time, the blockage increases and when the water tries to flow through after rains, it cannot and starts collecting in the pipes or pools on the roof. This can cause permanent damage and leads to burst pipes and gutters. Thus, ensure that before the summer ends, the gutters and pipes are cleaned properly.

Lack of maintenance: Most people take care of the roof in winters so that there is little damage but the fact is that just because it is summer is no reason to disregard the maintenance of the roof. This is an important step to keep the home safe and secured.

All of these are signs that need immediate attention but if you are one of the homeowners that has neglected it for long, it might be best to call in the professionals. However, it is important to only work with a roofing contractor that is licensed, insured and bonded so that you are protected at all times. Thus, check credentials of your local contractors.