Upon the arrival of spring, a family living under the protection of top-quality roofing should feel grateful for that barrier to the elements associated with winter. Yet that grateful feeling should also serve as a motivating factor. It should motivate the performance of certain necessary chores.

Removal of clutter, living and dead

During the winter the wind can direct leaves onto the roof. Rain can fall onto the leaves, so that they seem almost glued to the rooftop. Other bits of nature, such as seed pods and twigs might get added to the leaves. All of those need to be removed.

Sometimes moss tries to make a home on the roof’s surface. The Roofing experts in Palo Alto CA keeps that from happening. Moss should not be allowed to grow where it could burrow into a juncture between 2 or more of a roof’s plates.

Check the soffits and the fascia

Those protect the eaves from moisture and animals. That protection takes various forms. It can take the form of trimming, flashing or a simple covering.

Roofs last longer when the associated soffits and fascia stay in good condition. The soffit lets air flow into the attic from under the roof. The soffit vents work with the ridge and exhaust vents.

The fascia works with the gutter and drip edges. It sends water into the gutters.

Check for clogged waterways

Fascia sends water into the gutters when it has reached the roof’s edge. Yet, sometimes the rainwater does not flow smoothly off of the roofing. For instance, a patch of ice might block the flow during the winter. If a puddle forms and debris collects in that puddle, the flow down a roof’s sides can meet-up with a tiny damn.

No homeowner wants to have damned-up water on the home’s roof. That can hasten the formation of leaks. Consequently, the removal of clogged waterways belongs on a list of springtime chores.

The benefits enjoyed by those that carry-out such tasks, or pay someone else to do them:

In the summer ventilation helps to keep a home cool. In the winter roofing should aid the retention of heat. Maintenance of soffits and fascia helps to guarantee a family’s ability to stay warm during the cold winter months.

Failure to remove clogged waterways results in a buildup of clutter on the rooftop. That amount of weight might exceed what the roofing can hold. If that proves to be the case, a section of the roof might collapse.

As indicated above, even if nothing collapses, the presence of water can aid the formation of leaks. No family wants to spend the winter dealing with leaks. That necessitates the placement of buckets and other containers in strategic locations.