Even in sunny southern California, any structure contains a protective cover, in case it should start to rain. Hence, any roofing company stands ready to provide a homeowner with plenty of options, if a roof needs to be replaced.

Factors that might influence the homeowner’s decision

What type of roof is being replaced? Some roofs are heavier than others. An asphalt or wood shake roofing structure weighs 6 pounds per square foot. A tile roof weighs 10 pounds per square foot. Is this homeowner the member of a homeowner’s association? If that is the case, then the style and color selected by neighbors should serve as a guide.

What amount of the roofing structure does someone that is standing on the curb actually see? A home with a gabled rooftop hides a large portion of that particular structure. Consequently, that same roof’s type and color tend to be of less importance.

Has the homeowner set aside a given amount of money for purchase of the needed materials? There are luxury shingles on the market, which create the look of a slate or cedar shank roof on a shingle-covered rooftop. Roofing experts in San Mateo know that those cost more, but come with a better warranty. That better warranty indicates the roof’s possession of high-quality underlying materials.

What is the best color to use on a roof?

For the purpose of selling the residence in the future, it helps to copy the hue used on the home’s walls, or on its shutters and front doorway. Still, the homeowner should feel comfortable about selecting a different shade of that same hue. Granted, the roof’s color cannot be seen at night. Still, the rooftop’s surface catches the sun’s rays at every hour of the day. A light color might appear washed out in the predawn hours, or just before sunset. On the other hand, a bold color might seem too bright as the noon hour approaches.

A realtor would not select dawn as the time for bringing a potential home buyer to a house that is on the market. Still, such a visit might be planned for early evening. In other words, a roofing structure should look good at all times of the day.

No homeowner can know the color preferences for each potential buyer. Yet certain aspects of the hues on the color wheel tend to appeal to a large segment of the general population.

A clashing of colors could work to fill the mind of a possible home buyer with second thoughts. For instance, it would be unwise to have orange tiles on a home’s roofing structure, if that same residence had purple shutters. It would be better to have a combination such as tan tiles and dark beige shutters.