wood fiber roofsIn the San Francisco peninsula area, nobody cares about the environment, like Shelton Roofing. They have been taking care of the community for the past 70 years. Living in such a beautiful part of the country provides natural motivation to take care of the environment. The roofing industry is constantly changing. Shelton Roofing is proud to stay up-to-date with all environmental friendly, building materials and installation techniques. Whether you are installing a new roof or fixing the old, there are many Eco-friendly options available. Rubber and wood fiber roofs are available from recycled products. Metal roofs can be recycled after replacement. Tile and slate are built to last. Installing a cool roof, will help save power.

The greenest of all roofing products are made from recycled materials. Rubber roofs are made from steel-belted-radial tires. They have a long life and come with a warranty. Customers can still enjoy a traditional wood shingle roof without cutting down any old growth Western cedar. These roofs are made with reclaimed lumber. Companies use the lumber from old bridges, mills, water tanks and other sources. Metal roofs can be recycled after the use is complete in 50 years. They help reflect the sun and they do not leak any chemicals into the soil. Tile roofs are durable and built to last 100 years. Slate is one of the most environmentally conscious options. It is a naturally occurring substance. Many slate roofs in Europe have been around over 400 years! Choosing a recycled or long lasting product is just a couple ways you can lessen the footprint on the environment. Installing a cool roof in sunny California is a popular method.

With energy bills continuing to rise so has the demand for cool roofs. They are made to reflect more heat than conventional roofs. Metal, tile or special paint will reflect the sun. Adding a layer of white paint is cost effective and light weight. These roofs can lower temperatures as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit . This in turn lowers the amount of electric needed to run air conditioners. It is beneficial for the whole community as it lowers temperatures by reducing heat islands.

Shelton Roofing is up-to-date with all the Environmental Protection Agency regulations. They work with local city inspectors so all installations are always up to code. Building technique is just as important as materials. Their roofers are professionals who are passionate about their trade. They dedicated their lives to perfecting installation technique. They were even awarded the Diamond certificate. This award proves their passion to provide high quality, environmentally friendly roofs.

Shelton Roofing is here for all your roofing needs. They are available for re-roofing, repairs and emergencies. Located in Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Sunnyvale California. For a free estimate please contact them through their website.