Roofing is a competitive business in the home construction & home improvement industries, and Shelton Roofing has stood the test of time by delivering over 75+ years of excellent service for their customers.

Recently, Paul Lawson co-owner & president of the company had the opportunity to buy 100% of the company, which he did on March 8, 2023. Paul has been working with the company for almost 50 years and he will continue to run the company to deliver the best-in-class roofing service. His Son Sean Lawson is also part of the company, and they plan to keep the family tradition going.

Since 1942, when the company first started, they’ve established themselves as a major player in the roofing industry throughout the San Francisco Bay Area’s peninsula communities. As a family-owned and operated business, Shelton Roofing has specialized in both residential and commercial roofing since their inception. Today, the company currently employs 35 individuals and owns 40 pieces of roofing equipment.

Paul intends to maintain the company’s goal of giving “our customers the best experiences and products available in the roofing industry. We aim to uphold our reputation for excellence with every roof we install. Our customers can count on us to do quality work that’s on time, on budget, and completed with regard to the safety of everyone involved.”

So how did it all start for Paul and how did he become the full owner and President? “I’ve spent my entire working adult life with Shelton Roofing since the early 70’s. At that time, Richard Wray was the owner. In 1991, Mr. Wray gave me some shares in the company, making me a 2% owner while he maintained majority ownership with 98% of the shares.”

Paul began working on roofs at first, but later became a job foreman, a salesman, and vice-president. He became a co-owner in 1991 and recently gained full ownership of the company this past March when he signed a contract and purchased all of Richard Wray’s shares in the company to become 100% owner of Shelton Roofing.

Paul’s son Sean plays a key role in Shelton Roofing as a sales representative and company Operations Manager. He credits his father for teaching him how to embrace his role of managing client projects from beginning to end and to follow an important life philosophy that has served both the father & son very well – to always treat others how you want to be treated.

Shelton Roofing has consistently been awarded a very high customer satisfaction rating through Diamond Certified and are members of the Better Business Bureau of Santa Clara County, the Independent Roofing Contractors of California, and the Roofing Contractors Association of California.