At one time, a comparison of asphalt and metal roofing was quite simple. Now it has become more of a challenge. That fact reflects the number of adaptations that have been made to both types of shingles.

Basic comparison of metal and asphalt singles (before adaptations introduced):

Asphalt roofing lasts 20 years. It does saddle the homeowner with an unmanageable expense. While a metal roof is more expensive, but it can last for 50 years.

Adaptations to the asphalt-based shingle:

The varied designs cater to the needs of architects and today, some are designed to look like shake or slate materials. Each of these comes with an added layer, one that contains fiberglass. The presence of the fiberglass allows for an extension of the shingle’s original warranty. The longer warranty adds to the asphalt shingle’s appeal.

A second feature provides the user with an added benefit. A roof that contains the adapted asphalt-based shingles displays an increased level of wind resistance.

Adaptations to the metal shingle

Now sold with an additional feature, a stamped panel. Due to the addition of that stamped panel, a shingle’s color does not have to be either gray or silver, like it was in the past.

Roofers In San Mateo know that each shingle can get coated with asphalt granules. Those light-reflecting pigments increase the coated shingle’s solar reflective index. The change made in that index allows roofing made with the coated piece/shingle to ensure a homeowner with 30% reduction in the size of the cooling costs for the family’s residence.

Increased attention to one of the metal shingle’s original features.

Even before it underwent a series of adaptations, the metal roof had the ability to resist fires. Of course, most families viewed a roof as a protection from the elements, especially rain. For that reason, in the past, marketers did not focus on the metal roof’s fire-resistant nature.

Today though, as some parts of the United States fail to get the expected level of rainfall, the threat of fires has increased. In some years, the entire 12 months becomes a fire season. At times, a wildfire expands to the point where it starts burning homes.

The presence of a metal rooftop can increase the chances that a family’s residence remains untouched, after flames scorch other residences on the same block. That fact has managed to increase the public’s interest in a roofing material that had not been widely used in the past.

No longer does the price of that particular material dim any interest in the metal shingles’ availability. Today, a growing number of homeowners have chosen to pay that price, in order to take advantage of the benefit that gets linked to the covering with the coated piece of metal.