Once a homeowner notes any indication that the home’s roof has been damaged, that same homeowner must assess the situation. After having made that assessment, the homeowner’s next task my well involve making a decisions. Signs of roofing problems often push a homeowner to ask this question: Should I pay for repairs or arrange for a replacement?
How to proceed if the home’s ceiling has become stained.

Moisture stains indicate the existence of a leak in the roof. Other observations can send the same message. Those would be things like concrete flakes or discolored paint.
If those things get found on just the ceiling, a homeowner might want to seek confirmation of damage to the home’s roofing materials. That confirmation could be obtained through an examination of the associated walls. Do the walls adjacent to the marked ceiling have any similar markings?
If the walls deliver that dreaded confirmation, then the time has arrived for choosing between roofing repairs and investing in a new roof. At that point it makes sense to get some estimates. Then the estimated cost of the repairs can be compared to the cost of a replacement.

What to do if a large number of shingles have become cracked or torn

Determine what percentage of the shingles exhibit such damage. Roofing contractors in Palo Alto CA advice that if one half or the shingles are damaged, it makes sense to replace the entire covering on the rooftop. By the same token, if a lower percentage (of shingles) has been damaged, but the roof’s age comes close to 15 years, then it seems foolish to pay for repairs, in lieu of a replacement.

What is the roof’s condition following a storm?

The homeowner that seeks to answer this question should have some idea of the roof’s condition before the same storm. In order to choose between roofing repairs or a replacement, a homeowner ought to know what percent of roofing got damaged during a major weather event. Id 25% to 30% of the roof got damaged, the time has come for scheduling a replacement.

What are the homeowner’s plans?

Does he or she plan to sell? Once a house goes on the market, it gets easier to find a buyer, if the dwelling up for sale has a new roof. That fact holds true, even if the older roofing has not sustained a great deal of damage. After all, home buyers do not take the time to climb onto a rooftop. Instead, each of them must rely on whatever statements have been made by the home’s owner. A new set of shingles can work to assure the buyer that new residents will enjoy the protection afforded by a new roof.