Possession of a home represents a readiness on the homeowner’s part to make an investment. Smart investors work to protect their investments. Consequently, smart homeowners should plan for the costs that are associated with replacing a home’s roofing system.

Hints that a roof may be nearing the end of its expected lifetime

The lifetime for most roofing ranges between 20 and 30 years. Of course, a rooftop could experience damage before that full span of years has passed. In fact, it is normal for some troubles to arise, as the lifetime for a given rooftop nears its end. The appearance of such troubles can hasten arrival of the time for replacing the damaged roofing structure

There are indications that a roof ought to be replaced, even if it appears to have a couple years on its expected lifetime.

There are shingles missing. That calls attention to the poor condition of the tar strip on the roof’s deck. Exposure to UV light can hasten the rate at which that tar strip wears out.

A discovery of curled shingles serves as yet another indication. The shingles’ curled edges can catch the wind more easily. Hence, any one shingle could get torn off by a strong wind.

Dark spots observed on the roof. That observation signals the existence of missing granules on several shingles. In the absence of such granules, a shingle’s asphalt remains unprotected.

Moss is growing on the rooftop. That means that its roots threaten the shingles. The moss’ roots could force expansion of the shingle’s size. Alternately, those same roots could widen the space between shingles that must take on the function of the missing ground.

How the above indications compare to the unwanted indication?

Observation of any of the signs/indications listed above acts as a warning. It gives the homeowner ample time in which to respond to that warning. Ideally, the homeowner’s response has enabled correction of a problem before it can advance to a more critical stage.

The unwanted indication does not provide the homeowner with that cushion of time. That unwanted indication takes the form of a leak in the roofing structure. Until a leak has been fixed, the residents of a home need to catch the falling water drops with a bucket, or a similar container.

Obviously, performance of that act does not eliminate or slow the rate at which the roof is deteriorating. In other words, it forces the homeowner to take action in as expeditious a fashion as possible. So, because that sign/ indication calls for commencement of immediate action, and it forces a re-evaluation of plans. Call on a Roofing Contractor in San Mateo to evaluate the condition of the roof as discovery of leaks proves the immediate need for a new rooftop.