While snow is not a problem for residents in laid-back Menlo Park and the nearby areas, it’s that time of the year when rainfall increases. Known for its damp winters, California cities are expected to experience a rise in precipitation until March. If you haven’t done any roof maintenance work prior to the start of the season, check your roof now to stay ahead of any problems that may arise.

Roofing has always been one of the top concerns of homeowners during the winter season. While rain water is not as damaging as ice or snow, small roofing issues can quickly develop into something more problematic if left unattended. This is the reason why homeowners should schedule regular Menlo Park, CA roofing checkups.

Top 10 Roofing Tips

Always think of safety when planning to check the roof on your own. Make sure that the weather has already settled before you attempt to survey your roof. Wet roofing is very slippery and even a simple climb up the stairs is more difficult due to the damp winter setting. Wear the proper footwear and working gloves to protect yourself from injuries, in case there should be sharp debris clogging your roof gutters.

Another usual roofing problem area, roof valleys should also be inspected for leaks. Also known as a ridge, a valley is the part where two roofs meet and come together like an intersection. Water can accumulate over time, sloshing back and forth in the area, and eventually leading to a leak.

Clogged gutters can also lead to roof leaks. A build-up of leaves is especially a concern in properties with plenty of trees in the vicinity. Oftentimes, debris is collected by the gutter, causing water to get stuck during the rain. Checking and cleaning the gutter regularly will help clear your roof’s draining system.

Eliminating leaks can be an arduous task, rain or shine. It may involve inspecting the entire roof area over and over again just to pinpoint leaks. For more complicated issues on Menlo Park and Palo Alto, Ca roofing, you should leave the repairs to professionals. Experienced roofers, such as Shelton roofing, can find leaks and other existing problems faster as well as provide solutions in a timely manner.

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