Whenever water penetrates or damages a section of a home, a leak develops. Smart homeowners keep an eye out for leaks, so that the leaky spot can be attacked as soon as possible. In order to minimize the amount of damage that a professional will need to repair, it helps to employ some DIY, stop-gap measures.

Strategies for finding leaks

• Check for dark spots on the ceiling;
• Check for bulging spots on the ceiling;
• Look for the pooling of water on ceiling fixtures;
• Check for water in the attic; trace the water pattern from the ceiling under the attic to the leaky roof.

Methods for dealing with discovered leaks

In order to attack dark or bulging spots, look for the spot that seems to be holding the largest amount of moisture. Make a hole in the center of that same spot. Using a bucket, collect the water that falls from that hole.

If a pool of water is found in a ceiling fixture, that pool should be removed. Use a sponge or towel to soak-up the pooled liquid.

If an investigation of the attic leads to discovery of a leak, then the time has come for using a simple, but temporary remedy. Put roofing cement or roofing tape on the underside of the roof’s deck. But don’t forget to call on the Roofing experts in San Mateo.

Each of the stop-gap measures suggested above does nothing more than slow the rate at which the leaking can cause further damage. None of them can keep water out of the home permanently. Consequently, utilization of these suggested measures should not become an excuse for delaying completion of a vital step.

That vital step should involve contacting a professional, an expert on roofing. Such an expert has become familiar with products that work far more effectively than cement or tape. In fact, roofing experts have experience with repairing all sorts of rooftops.

Not every rooftop contains the same materials. Consequently, the method used to repair one leaky rooftop might not work on all rooftops. Professionals have learned which products work best, for repairing damage to various types of roofing structures.

In addition, there is one other reason that all homeowners ought to contact an expert roofer, after discovering a spot where water is getting into the family’s private residence. That expert delivers more than just completion of the needed repair work. That expert offers the services of a professional.

What makes those services so superior to the work that might be done by a skilled amateur? The end result is guaranteed to last for a long time. It is guaranteed to last, because it comes with a warranty. So, if problems do develop before the warranty has expired, each of them gets fixed for free.