If there is one thing that can be said about the climate in Palo Alto is that it is perfect – the right amount of rain with the right amount of sunshine. Unfortunately, this would also mean that your home’s roof might have to deal with the sun and the rain on a regular basis. So how do you make sure that you keep your roof tiles beautiful all year-round?


Common Problems

Clay tiles are considered to be one of the strongest roofing materials out in the market today. It’s not, however, without its downside. For one, tiles are susceptible to breakage. Their very nature also makes them perfect for building up debris.

Periodic Maintenance

Regardless of the kind of roofing that you have, majority of roofers in Sunnyvale would tell you that you need to do a regular check of your roof. This would help you determine whether you would already need someone to help you clean up debris or if you need to have parts replaced. If you do decide to clean your roof without the help of any roofer, you have to make sure that you do not pressure wash it. Keep in mind that the pressure can cause your roof tiles to crack or break.

Use the Proper Nails

Make sure that your roofer in Palo Alto makes use of the right kind of nails when installing or replacing roof tiles. Low quality galvanized nails can cause your perfectly okay tiles to come off the roof. The best option would be to make use of nails made from copper or stainless steel. If the tiles have come off, you would to have the area concerned relayed.

Refurbishing Your Tiles

You have to remember that, over time, your tiles would experience chalky deposit along its surface. Although it does not immediately cause your tiles to be structurally unsound, it can cause it to appear dull and old. You can deal with this by buffing your tiles after you have washed it. It is also recommended that you have it coated with a clear primer in order for the tiles to have a layer of protection against direct sunlight. This primer can also help give your roof tiles a sheen making it appear more vibrant and modern. Another option would be to have your roof tiles painted with a heavy-duty acrylic paint. Aside from the sheen, painting would make it waterproof as well as mildew-resistant.

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