Statistics have shown that certain jobs in the roofing industry come in at sixth place of the country’s most dangerous professions. Thirty in 100,000 worker deaths annually are caused by roofing accidents, which is almost double the death toll among constructions workers. Because of this, people have begun more conscious of increasing safety measures for roofers.

Why do I need a roofing contractor in the first place?

Even if you aren’t in need of a Roofing service in San Mateo for a roof replacement, it is still important to bring in a roofing contractor on the regular in order to perform necessary maintenance. A leak or damages that are detected early will be able to get fixed quickly and cheaply before any bigger damages can occur.

As you are researching potential contractors to hire, you should ensure that the one you pick is licensed and experienced so they will not just get the job done properly, but will also uphold safety standards to ensure maximum security for themselves and other workers. Furthermore, the contractor should also be fully insured so you cannot be held liable in the event of an accident.

If I have a leak, can’t I just put a bucket under it and be done with it?

Absolutely not. No matter what the movies show, your home is never safe as long as there is a leak in your roof. When water gets into your home, it will seep into the walls and ceiling which will weaken the structural integrity of your entire home. Your ceiling will be at a constant risk of collapse and mold is sure to grow and put the health of everyone in your home at risk.

It is not even just everyone’s respiratory system which is at risk, but also the rest of their bodies. As already mentioned, the ceiling is at a risk of cracking and dropping chunks on people’s heads, and in addition to that, the dripping water could form puddles and cause someone to slip and fall. Additionally, persistent leaks can damage the attic, insulation and walls while giving a chance for growth of mold, which can be a health hazard.

What do I do to prevent leaks?

Routine maintenance is a big factor, but so is the initial installation of the roof. For a roof to be secure and safe, you will need to ensure that the decking is properly installed and intact, and that the materials used are all fully waterproof and high quality. A qualified roofer will know what it takes to keep your home safe and dry. Call them so that they can assist you through the process.