Homeowners that want to stay safe and dry throughout the winter hire a contractor to perform specific jobs. The contractor’s work should be completed by the end of the autumn season.

The contractor’s tasks

Trim the trees that are in the vicinity of the family’s dwelling: That reduces the chances for a branch to fall on the roof. At the same time, it works to diminish chances for development of a clog in the gutter system.

Clean the gutters: Remove all of the leaves and other debris. Roofers In San Mateo will check for signs of corrosion, cracks or holes. Check on the position of the down pipe. If necessary, repair or replace the drip edge. If the gutters are more than 15 years old, it may be necessary to repair or replace the gutters.

Schedule a roof inspection: During that inspection, the inspectors should check for leaves. In addition, the same inspectors should check to make sure that there was no moisture build-up. Do not overlook the attic, when checking for signs of moisture build-up.

Replace missing or damaged shingles: A homeowner’s failure to carry out that particular task could allow the entrance of rainwater, at the time of a severe storm, or even a light rain.

Benefits enjoyed by homeowners that have invested in completion of essential fall tasks

When repairs get done at an early stage of a problem’s development, then the same repairs cost less money than any that might be attempted later. In other words, the decision to hire a roofing contractor prior to the start of winter qualifies as a money-saving tactic.

Regular maintenance on a rooftop manages to lengthen the lifetime of that same well-maintained roof. Obviously, smart homeowners can save more money by being able to hold off the need for taking on a large expense.

A house with a well-maintained roof provides the homeowner with an added selling point, when it has come time to put the same house on the market. A smart buyer takes the time to study the roof’s condition. The buyer’s eyes should not fall on a large number of damaged or missing shingles.

By the same token, the buyer’s eyes should not discover a crack in the foundation, one that was caused by clogged gutters. Nor should those same eyes fall upon washed out sections of the garden, another effect of clogged gutters.

No homeowner can be sure that all potential buyers will come to the house with the “For Sale” sign on a sunny day. Any one of them might show up on a rainy day. At that time, it would pay to have the roofing in tip-top shape, and to have clean-running gutters. Sound roofs prove a benefit to homeowners.