Viewed from the curb, the roofing on a home does not look like part of a system. Yet smart homeowners learn how to maintain that entire system. Their efforts include maintenance of the soffits. Are you wondering why is it important? Read on to know more details.

What is the soffit?

The soffit covers the underside of the eaves. It fills a space between the rafters and the joints. It helps to create natural ventilation within the attic space. However, the intake of air at the eaves will be balanced and exhaust created through the roofing vents.

What is the soffit’s function?

• It facilitates the creation of a proper venting system. It provides a means for the natural intake of air.
• It seals the gaps that form between the rafters and the joints. Consequently, it limits the number of places where rodents or other animals might try to enter the home.
• It protects both the roof’s deck and the attic’s insulation.

How does a homeowner benefit from putting time, money and effort into efforts that are focused on maintaining a soffit’s integrity?

Roofers In San Mateo know that the presence of a soffit diminishes the need for a cooling system. When a home does not need a cooling system during the hot summer months, that lowers the size of the utility bills. What homeowner would not welcome the chance to have lower utility bills?

The presence of the soffit increases the length of the rooftop’s lifetime. Hence, the homeowner’s concerns about potential problems does not enter the picture for a number of years.

Well-maintained soffits increase the reliability of a roof’s shingles. That benefit gets proven most-readily, if the soffits have been made from vinyl or aluminum, rather than the traditional wood. This enhances the life span of the roof.

In the absence of a soffit, a home lacks a finished look. Every homeowner wants to show his or her residence to friends and family members. Still, it stands to reason that a homeowner’s pride in his or her home would get deflated, if that same residence looked rather unfinished.

What nightmare can be prevented by a soffit that is in good condition?

If the roofing experts have to carry-out a job that relates to roof maintenance but finds a small animal or rodents, it is an indication that the poor upkeep of the soffits had allowed creation of a decided gap between the rafters and the joints. Consequently, the pests have entered through that gap. This is a nightmare that could enter any homeowner’s life, if he or she had neglected to spend money on a soffit’s upkeep.